Mackenzie Wrap is an aspiring singer-songwriter-actress originally from San Diego and now living in Orange County California.  Her parents made the decision to relocate in 2016 so that she could begin attending the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) as a 7th grader.  The move also put her closer to the heart of the entertainment industry in LA.

Mackenzie has had a passion for singing ever since she can remember.  At 3 years old, her favorite song was Rascal Flatts' "My Wish" which she would ask her parents to play every time they got into the car to go somewhere.  When she was 8, her mom got her involved in the local youth community theater in order to give her a stage to develop her vocal abilities and to get a feel for acting as she performed in a number of musicals.

Mackenzie immediately fell in love with acting and musical theater.  However, she started learning at an early age about the disappointment in auditioning for theater roles and not getting cast.  So when she was just 9 years old, her mom began taking her to local open mics around San Diego so that she could still perform.   Places such as LeStats, Rebecca's, Aztec Brewery and Hennessey's Tavern became her stages when not performing in musical theater.  With the amazingly friendly audiences in these venues, she could continue to improve her singing abilities and work on her stage presence.    

In 2017 at 13, she made her cabaret debut in her own show at the Gardenia in West Hollywood.  In reviewing her show for Cabaret Scenes magazine, Les Traub said of her singing ability, "Her vocal range and the control she has with her voice was on display as she scatted to the stratosphere...Be it pop, jazz, opera, country, traditional Great American Songbook, blues or Broadway, she handled it with ease."


Today she continues to explore everything she can related to music, theater, TV and Film.  Be sure to follow her on social media to see what she is up to next!